East West Furniture Rectangle Counter Height Dining Table, 30×48 Inch, YAT-MAH-H


This splendid wooden dining table adds a warm touch to both kitchens and traditional living spaces. Its contemporary design elevates the elegance of any dining room, and its timeless aesthetic complements any room’s decor. This remarkable dining table fosters a sense of familial warmth and togetherness. The rectangular dining table boasts a meticulously crafted mahogany-colored tabletop, elegantly supported by wooden legs. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the top-tier, smooth, and permanent finish applied to this piece of fine furniture. This breakfast table represents the pinnacle of design, intended to elevate and imbue a sense of luxury in your room’s decor. The Kitchen Table is expertly crafted from high-quality Asian wood, specifically Rubber Wood, renowned for its stability and durability. We believe that furniture should not necessitate frequent replacement, and this kitchen table is designed to provide long-lasting performance, ensuring it remains a functional and elegant addition to your space for years to come. The dining table package includes just one box containing a complete kitchen table. Assembly requires minimal preparation and can be accomplished effortlessly by adhering to the lucid and user-friendly installation instructions provided. The package is inclusive of all requisite tools essential for the assembly of this compact dining table.
Kitchen Table Material: Asian Wood (Rubber Wood)
Table Top Color: Mahogany
Dining Table Legs Finish: Mahogany
Dining Table Base Style: 4 Legs
Dining Table Top Style: Rectangular
Kitchen Dining Table Measurements: Length: 48; Width: 30; Height: 36.
Included in package: Fabulous Kitchen Table.


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East West Furniture Rectangle Counter Height Dining Table, 30×48 Inch, YAT-MAH-H
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