Worx WX051 Pegasus 31″ Folding Work Table and Sawhorse


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Description Item # SPM8790825602 Model # WX051

  • Integrated Clamping System
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • 2 Bar Clamps
  • 4 Clamp Dogs

WORX WX051 Folding Work Table and Sawhorse – Wherever Work Takes You

The WORX Pegasus 31″ folding work table and sawhorse is a versatile power tool that provides work support from the garden to the garage. This table can be used as a sawhorse and a work bench, and features an integrated clamping system to hold the working material in place. The table has a compact yet lightweight design, so you can carry it easily wherever you go. Additionally, a folding tray is provided so you can conveniently keep your tools.

  • This work table and sawhorse from WORX is lightweight yet has a compact design
  • Features an integrated clamping system to hold the working material in place
  • The universal quick clamps are made to use on all WORX work support products
  • Can be transported and stored easily
  • Equipped with a folding tray to store your tools
  • Features table joiner link to lock together multiple units
  • Includes 2 bar clamps and 4 clamp dogs
  • Table dimensions: 31″L x 25″W
  • Working height: 32″
  • Maximum clamping width: 18″
  • Table load capacity: 300lb
  • Sawhorse load capacity: 1000lb
  • Weight: 30lb


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