Woodpeckers Pro Slab Flattening Mill, Basic, With Router Carriage, Integrated Dust Collector, Slab Clamping Dogs & Rails, Great for DIY Live Edge Slab Tables


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  • MAKE YOUR OWN SLAB TABLES: With the Woodpeckers Pro Slab Flattening Mill (Basic) you can now use your router to flatten slabs right in your own shop faster and easier that you ever thought possible.
  • HUGE CAPACITY: The Pro Slab Flattening Mill (Basic) gives you 48 1/2 inches of room for your slab and a length of 58 inches. If you need more room, extensions are available.
  • INCLUDES: Includes (2) 58″ rails, (2) 48 1/2″ rails, (1) router carriage, (4) Slab Clamping Dogs and all assembly hardware. Does not include plywood or MDF base.
  • BUILT IN USA: This Woodpeckers product is proudly built in the USA.

Product description

Imagine being able to mill a flat face on a live edge slab over 4-feet wide and up to 3-3/8″ thick without having to shim the rails or your work piece. Or go the other way and imagine milling something just a fraction of an inch thick, again without shimming either your stock or the rails. Imagine milling slabs with virtually all the shavings being captured by your dust collector. It’s time to stop imagining and start milling with Woodpeckers NEW Slab Flattening Mill PRO. Working with feedback from thousands of Slab Flattening Mill customers we’ve redesigned the router carriage with a greater thickness range and integrated dust capture right at the source. The “PRO” details don’t stop with the feature-packed new carriage. We also extended the rails, increasing the standard width capacity to a massive 48-1/2″ wide (using a 2” cutter…even more with a larger bit).

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