VEVOR Commercial Ice Maker Ice Cube Maker Ice Cream Maker 132lbs Timing Auto 60kg 24hr


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Commercial Ice Maker Ice Cube Maker Ice Cream Maker 132lbs Timing Auto 60kg 24hr

Features & Details

  • [RAPID AND EFFICIENT ICE MAKING]- 132 lb (60 kg) per 24H capacity commercial ice maker realizes convenient and efficient ice making experience. 5*8 ice tray for 40 clear cubes one cycle in 12-18 minutes, each is 0.9″ (22 mm) cubical, making it perfect for mixed drinks and bottles with small opening. 28 lb (13 kg) ice storage capacity for more flexible application. Heat insulation function prevents ice cubes from melting for 5-7 hours.
  • [MICROCOMPUTER AUTOMATIC CONTROL]- Advanced multi-function LCD control panel with multiple buttons which clearly shows different functions including POWER, RUNNING MODE ADJUSTMENT, CLEAN/ SET, ICE THICKNESS/DUTY TIME ADJUSTMENT and ILLUMINATION, helps control ice making process and monitors possible malfunctions.
  • [COMPLETELY EQUIPPED WITH TOP QUALITY]- Water filter, dewatering pump, two ice scoops, sealed packaging… All you need is thoughtfully provided. Stainless steel plus ABS construction enables it to be sturdy and robust.
  • [SAFE AND HEALTHY]- Ultraviolet sterilizing lamp equipped to stop bacteria growth and meet your health needs. Ice cubes are crystal clear and thickness can be adjusted by modulating freezing time. Powerful 335W compressor to cool, this ice maker is sure to be a mighty addition to your bar or under counter.
  • [WIDELY APPLICABLE]- Works great for applications including coffee shops, hotels, bars, KTVs, supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, cold drink shops, laboratories, schools, hospitals and more. A space saver with adequate storage and powerful performance.

Hassle-Ice Dispenser

5*8 ice cube tray produces 40 cubes for one cycle within only 12-18 minutes and up to 132 lb in 24 hours. Heat insulation function prevents ice cubes from melting for 5-7 hours even through black out, brings you convenience and efficiency.

Clear Ice Cubes

Standard and exquisite crystal clear ice cubes with delicate size of 0.9″ x 0.9″ x 0.9″ (22 x 22 x 22 mm), pure, healthy and of unadulterated flavor. Ice thickness can be adjusted according to your demand with simple pressing of setting buttons.

Intelligent LCD Control Panel

Tangibly buttons of POWER, RUNNING MODE ADJUSTMENT, CLEAN/SET, ICE THICKNESS/DUTY TIME ADJUSTMENT and ILLUMINATION. Auto-detection reveals operation problems and offer alarm when ice is full. Consice and precise.


Considerate Updates

Apart from all the thoughtful attachments, we also enriched this package with a dewatering pump for rapid draining. Enlarged ventilation area assists heat dissipation and long-period operation. Two ice scoops facilitate efficiency. 


Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp


Internally installed innovative blue light nano antibacterial ultraviolet sterilizing lamp and dry filter to prevent bacteria from breeding, providing clean and fresh ice and guarding


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