VEVOR CNC Router 6040 4 Axis CNC Router Engraver 600x400mm USB Engraving CNC Router Kit MACH3 Control VFD Water-Cooling Router 1000W Ball Screw for Metal, Wood, Glass and Plastic(6040 4 Axis)


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  • 【SPECIFIC PARAMETERS】- Working Area: 600x400x75 mm (11.8″x15.7″x2.9″). Worktable dimension: 750 mm*480 mm*15 mm. Spindle Speed: 0 ~ 24000rpm/Min, Note: total power: 1000W, VFD Power: 800W.
  • 【DURABLE QUALITY】- Equipped with an aluminum backing plate, this CNC machine is more steady and solid. The chrome shafts are not easy to deform, designed aluminum dust-proof plate for easy cleaning, and suitable for long time use.
  • 【STRONG COMPATIBILITY】- Can be controlled by computer for more precise engraving control. Replace the traditional parallel Interface with USB, suitable for desktop and laptop computers. And compatible with more operating systems(WINDOWS 2000 / XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10).
  • 【HIGH TORQUE TRANSMISSION】- Flexible coupling can be used for high torque transmission. Cover plates greatly reduce the pollution for the screws and shafts. Spindle motor knob can be useful for small positioning adjustment, providing precise engraving.
  • 【MULTIPLE APPLICATION】- Engraving Machine is perfect for the engraving of soft materials such as plastic, wood, acrylic, PVC, PCB, MDF board, advertising signs, etc.

Product information


4 Rotary Axis

On the basis of 3 axis engraving machine, it is equipped with a fourth rotation axis, able to realize 3D stereo engraving, whose effective working travel is 395(X)x600(Y)x70(Z)mm.With 2 chrome plate hard shafts (X axis: Dia.16mm; Z axis: Dia.13mm) and one aluminum support optical axis shaft (Y axis: Dia. 20mm) as sliding units and 1605 ball screws as its driving units, it has the feature of high precision, low noise and high efficiency.

Functional Controller

The engraving milling machine comes with a controller with built-in well-made transformer, which provides stable power for the control unit for long time continuous use, featuring one-to-one interface design and emergency stop button for high safety.

Efficient Stepper Motor

Equipped with a 57 two-phase stepper motor(3A) on each of the three axis for easy movement, which are reliably connected by external couplings for high torque transfer. And the knobs with small handles on stepper motors can realize positioning adjustment. The 800W brand new water-cooled spindle motor on Z axis is able to reach the speeds of 24000 rpm/min(frequency converter speed regulation).

USB Port

Equipped with a USB flash drive, which can be directly connected to the computer other than optical disc drive. Instruction manual, operating software Mach3 installation package and other related data are included.

Aluminium Worktable

Made of 6061 aluminium alloy and 6063 industrial aluminum. Aluminum backing plate and dust-proof plate are effective in keeping chips from splashing onto the screw and the optical axis, for long-term use and easy cleaning. The large worktable (750x480x15mm) provides higher enforce-ability for engraving.

Widespread Use

This engraving milling machine can be widely used in the engraving of soft materials such as plastic, wood, acrylic, PVC, PCB, etc. It is designed for processing advertising signs, artwork, crafts, models, etc.


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