OMTech 20W Fiber Laser Engraver with 100,000 Hour Laser Source and 6×6 in. Marking Area, Metal Laser Etching and Engraving Machine for Jewelry More, Laser Marking for Metal and More(FM7979-20)


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  • 20W SOLID-STATE LASER: OMTech’s 20W laser engraver employs a premium solid-state fiber laser, with all its efficiency, quality, stability, and durability; this fiber laser engraver is ideal for applications with tight tolerances requiring extreme precision and boasts a mean time to failure of over 100,000 hours
  • PRECISION OPTICS: This etching and marking machine’s high-speed Sino-Galvo galvanometric system reduces delays and improves your work speed; its extreme stability ensures quick scanning, engraving, and turn around; our compact Fθ field lens uses an air-spaced design and protective anti-reflective coatings to give you excellent throughput with less than 1% distortion
  • 150x150mm WORKBED: This fiber laser cutter includes a 15×15 cm (5.9×5.9 inch) bed with a built-in workspace grid; the grid dots facilitate positioning bars that can be used to hold your material in just the right spot every time
  • EASY OPERATION: This laser cutting and engraving tool uses EzCad2 software compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and a wide range of graphics formats; the red dot locators keep focusing quick and easy; and the scanner offers a clear red light preview of your pattern’s size before you begin; even better, a 4-pin connection allows plug-and-play connection to your rotary axis (not incl.) for marking on rings, cups, pipes, and other curved surfaces
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Order this metal engraver from OMTech with your peace of mind assured thanks to our strong 2 year warranty and usual friendly 24/7 customer service; start enjoying easier marking and engraving today!

Industry-Leading Laser Source

This device enjoys stable and dependable operation with a mean time to failure over 100,000 hours thanks to its world-famous laser source.

Galvo-Tech Scanning

The Galvo-Tech drive and scanning system provides both outstanding accuracy and fast, stable marking of flat surfaces at speeds up to 275.6 inches per second (7000 mm/s).

Fθ Field Lens

Our Fθ lens helps create vivid markings on flat surfaces, maintaining a consistent, focused spot size across its 7.9″ × 7.9″ (200×200 mm) working area. Producing less than 1% distortion, it flawlessly executes intricate designs with unbelievable precision.

EzCad2 Software

Our fiber laser comes with a dependable BJJCZ control board and a bundled edition of EzCad2 engraving software compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 and a wide range of graphics formats.


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