Mophorn Spindle Motor 4KW Square Air Cooled Spindle Motor ER20 Collect 18000RPM 220V CNC Spindle Motor for CNC Router Engraving Milling Machine (4KW ER20 Air Cooled)


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  • Technical Parameters: Collet: ER20 (6 mm), Power: 4 KW, Voltage: 220 V, Current: 10 A, Frequency: 300 Hz, Speed: 1-18000 rpm, Runout off: 0.01 mm, Cooling: Air cooling.
  • Advanced Balance Technology: Dynamic balance technology can effectively reduce the noise in the process of use. The efficiency & service life of the CNC router spindle can be significantly improved. The nut using manganese steel is hardened with high precision, not easy to break the knife.
  • Superior Performance Bearings: The high-speed core creates a more efficient & upgraded steel bearing, which significantly improves the hardness and rust resistance. The imported shaft has a high degree of concentricity, high precision & more durable.
  • Trustworthy Heat Dissipation: Scientifically designed factory-made fan owns low noise and better heat dissipation effect. It can effectively improve the stable and smooth operation.
  • Wide Application: The CNC spindle motor kit is mainly used for engraving machine or used with frequency converter. It uses air circulation to cool the heat generated by the spindle at high speed and has a good heat dissipation effect. Note: The air-cooled motor is three-phase input.

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