KAKA Industrial Sheet Metal Bending Brake, Solid Construction with Steel Frame Stand (MB-72)


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KAKA Industrial 72-Inch Sheet Metal Bending Brake Overview

This 72-Inch metal bending brake has a compact design. The metal bending brake is specifically designed for light gauge sheet metal project. With a 72-inch wide cutting capacity, up to 22 gauge mild steel thickness as well as a 120 degree bending angle, this bending brake would fulfill most of your metal work requirements.

Solid Construction, Cast-Iron Steel Frame Stand, Easy Operation, Great Capacity Kaka Industrial 36-Inch Metal Bending Brake

One benefit of this bending brake is that it has a rugged steel frame that will increase the stability as you are working. The upper and lower handle also enhance the efficiency and make the work more effortless. Another benefit of this bending brake is that it has good capacity that will fulfill most of the light gauge metal project. At the same time, it can bolt to workbench or mount to floor with little effort. It is a great bending brake you should possess one!


Item No.173139



Thickness22 gauge


Packing size(in)86x15x26


Standard accessories


  • 72-Inch Manual Hand Brake
  • 22-gauge mild steel and 20-gauge aluminum capacity.
  • Fully-welded framework, made of heavy steel plate, including support trusses on the top and bottom


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