KAKA Industrial Q01-5216 52-Inch Foot Stomp Shear Solid Construction High Precision Sheet Metal Foot Shear, 16 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity


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  • Lift gate service will have extra charges and can be requested for you at a discounted rate, please send us a message stating you need the service. A valid phone number is REQUIRED. The carrier will contact you one day before the delivery, please provide a valid phone number.
  • HIGH PRECISION SHEARING. During the working process, the precise bed and beam alignment ensures shearing accuracy while the adjustable hold down clamp guarantees materials securing during operation so as to prevent errors
  • GREAT SHEARING CAPACITY. The metal foot shear is capable of shearing 52-inch with up to 16 gauge mild steel shearing thickness. The front supports helps the operator with alignment and an integrated back stop allows for repeatability of cut.
  • HEAVYD DUTY AND EASY OPERATION. The easy working application can be achieved via compound leverage which allows the user to perform work within the machine’s rated capacity. Additionally, the adjustable clamping bar keeps material locked down when it is in use
  • LONG TERM SERVICE LIFE. This high quality foot shear is built with quality material and the quality chromium blades can last for long term service while have the ability to be resharpened

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