KAKA Industrial 3-In-1/12, Sheet Metal Brake, 12-Inch Shear Brake Roll Combinations, Solid Construction, High Precision Sheet Metal Brakes, Shears and Slip Roll Machine


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  • 22 GAUGES CAPACITY AND 12 INCH WIDE BED WIDTH ENSURES SMOOTH WORK FLOW. The 3-In-1 sheet metal machine can bend and cuts sheet metal up to 22 gauge in thickness and 12 inch in width. It is a small machine in size, a large capacity in its working ability
  • ADJUSTABLE FINGERS ENSURES FLEXIBILITY AND PRECISION. The vertical press brake portion of the shear brake roll machine has a maximum bend angle of 90 degrees with adjustable fingers on the top beam to easily assist with making any size boxes.This guarantees adjustability and high accuracy
  • VERSATILITY AND EASY ALIGNMENT. This 12″ brake shear roll can be utilized to cut multiple materials. The shear can be used for mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, plastic and zinc. The 3-in-1 sheet metal brakes, sheet metal shears and slip roll machine has detailed manuals will guide you through how to resemble it effortlessly
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION AND LONG TERM INVESTMENT. This 3-IN-1 brake shear roll has a heavy cast iron Frame. The slip roll portion of the shear brake roll has hardened and polished shafts for long life. This 12″ 3-in-1 sheet metal brake, shears and slip roll machine is designed to perform at a harsh condition and can stand for a longer life. It would be a good investment from long-term perspective
  • ALL-IN-ONE SETTING IMPROVES WORK EFFICIENCY AND SAVE SPACE. KAKA Industrial 12in 3-in-1 sheet metal machine is a smart choice for small shops that have low production runs or have a lot of one off projects. This machine combines three functions into one that utilizes up little floor space and enhances work efficiency. If your shop space is limited, you can still have the job done perfectly

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