Hermes Hardware Magnetic Drilling Machine 3-3/4″ (98mm) + 6pc Annular Cutters Bundle (9/16″,11/16″,13/16″,15/16″,1″,1-1/16″)


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  • Input power: 2180W
  • Max Cutter Capacity Diameter: 3-3/4 / Twist drill dia: 1-1/8 (28mm)
  • Magnetic adhesion: 17000N
  • Type of shank: 3/4″
  • 6pc Annular Cutters Bundle (9/16″,11/16″,13/16″,15/16″,1″,1-1/16″) included

Product description

Style:Mag.Drill 3-3/4″ w/ 6 Cutters


  • Suitable for the use of core drills, twist drills.
  •  Max. drilling diameter: 3-3/4 (98mm).
  •  No-load speed r/min:100-320. 
  •  Electronic overload protection – protects the motor against overheating.
  • Soft start – electronic current limiter ensures a softer start.
  •  Water cooled gearbox. 
  • Versatile, accurate and fast, with strong magnetic adhesion, this Magnetic Drilling Machine is an essential tool when performing heavy-duty industrial and steel fabrication work; and is suitable for steel structure, bridge engineering, shipbuilding, drilling rig, equipment installation, equipment manufacturing, wind power generation, electric power construction, railway manufacturing and other fields.

Product information

Style:Mag.Drill 3-3/4″ w/ 6 Cutters

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