CZUR Professional Document Scanner ET18-P, Fast Recognition Scanner, 18MP High Definition, A3 Size Capture, 186 Languages OCR, Patented “Laser-Based Image Flattening” Technology


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Media Type Paper
Brand CZUR
Model Name ET18-P
Connectivity Technology USB
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.25 x 13.81 x 5.86 inches
Resolution 4896*3672
Item Weight 4.4 Pounds
Sheet Size A3

About this item

  • Patented “Laser-Based Image Flattening” Technology provides High-quality scanning results for professional use. Digitizing books without unbinding them! Work with macOS 10.11 or later AND Windows XP,7,8,10. macOS Monterey 12 is not supported currently.
  • Fast & High-definition: Scanning speed is up to 1.5 page/second, and Image Resolution is 18MP
  • 10 LED Lights +2 Supplemental Lights providing sufficient light exposure, making scanning document shadowless, for best scanning results.
  • Convert paper materials to PDF, editable Word and TIFF.Scan a wide range of documents and objects up to A3 size
  • Support both Windows and Mac OS and 1 year warranty.

Introducing CZUR’s most advanced technology, “Laser-Based Image Flattening”, has been applied to the latest scanner product. A method of flattening a laser-based image of a curved book page is applicable to an image acquisition device and a laser generation device in a scanning platform or fixed at a scanning platform. The method comprises the following steps: opening a book on a horizontally arranged scanning platform, and emitting to a book page a laser beam, the laser beam forming a horizontal laser line on the curved book page; acquiring a flat image of the curved book page having thereon the horizontal laser line, and acquiring a 2D planar coordinate (x, y) of each pixel on the laser line in the flat image; computing, according a y-coordinate in the 2D planar coordinate, a y-coordinate of an intersection of the laser beam and the scanning platform, and an angle at the intersection of the laser beam and the scanning platform, and by means of a tangent function, a height of each pixel on the laser line, or an actual spatial height; computing actual spatial heights of all pixels on each laser line, or z coordinates, to obtain a 3D spatial curve of the laser line; constructing, using the curve, an actual 3D curved surface of the acquired book page; and flattening the 3D curved surface after pixel transformation to complete flattening of the book page.

Used for remote working and learning

Compatible with Zoom,enables a user to instantly share screen. Allows you to annotate, highlight, scroll or click on the screen, enabling you to demonstrate the items on display.

Widely used by individuals, students and working professionals for online teaching&meeting. Screen sharing solutions is a way to stay connected.

Handy tools like Snapshot, Video Recording, and many more can be supported.

How to share CZUR software screen on Zoom

1. Open CZUR software → Click “Scan”. Make sure your device can run normally as you could see the screen with things that you are going to share or view.

2. Open Zoom and Joined or started a meeting.

3. Selecting Integrated Camera instead of CZUR’s Camera on Start Video module.

4. Click “Share Screen” on Zoom and select “CZUR Scanner” screen for sharing.

Using Annotation tools while screen sharing


  • Zoom’s annotation tools allow you to type text and make draws, shapes and lines, and stamp or spotlight.
  • Drag the sharing material by your mouse if you want to move it. Also use mouse wheel to zoom in.


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