CS Unitec | PTX ECO Smart Basic Kit | Variable Speed Multi Purpose Buffer Polisher Machine | Grinder Tool Kit for Metal Finishing | Includes Abrasives & Compounds Up to No.4 Finish


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Product description

Style:PTX Basic Kit

CS Unitec’s PTX ECO SMART professional electric metal polish machine is the perfect drum sander for linear, flat, square, contour and curved finishing. This burnishing system grinds from coarse to very fine finishes and burnishes to a high-gloss finish. With a 1710 watt motor and seven different speed control settings the PTX can be used on a wide range of metals. From steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, copper, to even wood and plastic. With a built in tachogenerator this high quality linear finishing machine with maintain constant rpm at any setting preventing streaking and waves that occur with cheaper non-regulated machines. The basic kit (P/N 47003A) contains everything you need to accomplish finishes up to a #4 Appliance finish. This kit includes a carrying case, the PTX pipe roller (ASIN B071NMFDF4), allowing the PTX to be used for open and closed pipe constructions. As well as the expansion roller (ASIN B006W49DDS) allowing the PTX to be used with sleeve type abrasives. A wide range of abrasives are also includes from DRUMS: 60 grit flap wheel (ASIN: B0722PSLFT), 80 grit interleaf (combi) wheel (ASIN: B071HFT3F1); SLEEVES: Medium Fleece (Non-Woven) (ASIN: B0727W7ND4) 80 grit grinding belt, 40 grit grinding sleeve (ASIN:B071NMF5YF), 60 grit zirc grinding sleeve (ASIN: B0722PSJZ4), 80 zirc grit grinding sleeve (ASIN: B071NMFF1N), 120 grit zirc grinding sleeve (ASIN: B0727W7NRK). Belts: 80 grit AlOx grinding belt (ASIN: B0727W7NDC), Medium fleece (nonwoven) belt (ASIN: B071HFT8QT) With the included hollow core shaft adapter abrasive drums easily slide off and on with ease and remain secured. (Spindle style shaft adapter also included.) Wide range of abrasives available for #4 brush, #6 satin, #8 mirror uniform and custom finishes. Drums, wheels, sleeves, belts and polishing compounds available. Fits drums up to 4-1/2″ diameter and 6″ width. Optional PTX pipe roller (ASIN B071NMFDF4) also available, allowing the PTX to be used for open and closed pipe constructions. Included components: (1) PTX ECO SMART, (1) 42004 Spindle to Hollow Core Shaft Adapter (1) Expansion roller (1) PTX pipe roller (1) Detachable Power Cord (1) 47312 80 Grit Interleaf Combi Wheel (1) 60 grit flap wheel (1) Medium Fleece (Non-Woven) (1) 80 grit grinding belt (1) 40 grit grinding sleeve (1) 60 grit zirc grinding sleeve (1) 80 zirc grit grinding sleeve (1)120 grit zirc grinding sleeve (1) 80 grit AlOx grinding belt (1) Medium fleece (nonwoven) belt

Material Metal
Brand C.S. Unitec
Grit Type Medium
Compatible Material Bronze, Wood, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Plastic, Iron, Metal, Copper

About this item

  • No Streaking Or Irregularities: With a built in tachogenerator, the Eco Smart maintains constant rpm saving you time & money with linear & contoured finishes. Uniform finishes.
  • Professional & Powerful: 1710 w heavy-duty motor – For Perfect Finishing on large surfaces with no shadows or streaks
  • Metal Polishing: This kit includes abrasives to complete #4 appliance finish on flat, curved & pipe. The PTX drum machine can be used for finishes from #2, #3, #4 Appliance, #6 satin, & #8 mirror.
  • Variable Speed Polisher: 1000 to 3800 rpm variable control with 7 pre-set settings. For use with a wide range of drums, belts, sleeves, polishing compounds & more. Built in constant speed control.
  • Ergonomic & Balanced: For easy control with reduced fatigue, adjustable handle for left and right hand use, built in wheel safety guard for increased user safety.
Product Specifications
Compatible Material Plastic , Metal , Stainless Steel , Aluminum , Copper , Wood , Bronze , Iron , Brass
Grit Type Medium
Included Components See Description
Material Metal
Maximum Rotational Speed 3800 rpm
Measurement System US
Model Number 47003A
Number of Items 1
Part Number 47003A
Style PTX Basic Kit
UNSPSC Code 43212110
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