Bosch Thermotechnology Bosch Gen 2 Ultra-Quiet 27K BTU Conditioner & Max Performance System with Inverter Heat Pump and 3 Air Handlers, White/Gray Mini-Split


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Brand Bosch Thermotechnology
Model Name Bosch Thermotechnology Bosch Gen 2 Ultra-Quiet 27K BTU Conditioner & Max Performance System with Inverter Heat Pump and 3 Air Handlers Mini-Split, White/Gray See more
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) 22
Color White/Gray
Control Method Remote
Controller Type Remote Control

About this item

  • COMPACT AND EASY INSTALLATION: Includes compact, aesthetic and modern indoor air handlers designed to fit anywhere and the outdoor condenser, which can be easily concealed. No ductwork required, making installation convenient and easy.
  • WIDE RANGE AND SUPERIOR AIR FLOW: 27,000 BTU cooling capacity with two 9K BTU and one 18K BTU indoor handlers and provides heat with outdoor temps down to -13 degrees F (provides cooling up to 122 degrees F outdoors)
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Energy Star certified for greater efficiency, quiet noise level, and lower energy costs by making automatic adjustments of temperature and humidity levels to meet your needs – 22 SEER and 10.4 HSPF Rated
  • REMOTE SETTINGS: Temperature sensor wireless back-lit remote with Silent mode, timer, automated “Follow-Me” settings, and “Turbo” speed settings for the highest level of home comfort
  • AUTO HEATING MODE: Prevents houses from freezing when it is unoccupied for a long time in severe cold weather and conditions

Product description

Product Description

This Gen 2 Bosch Climate 5000 ductless mini split series provides energy-efficient, on-demand comfort that is flexible, simple to install, and easy to maintain. An exceptional alternative to traditional HVAC systems, the BOSCH Climate 5000 series focuses on heating and cooling individual rooms by utilizing a combination of efficient technologies to achieve up to a 22 SEER rating, reducing electricity usage and lowering your electric bill. The mini split system is ideal for spaces where HVAC equipment or ductwork will not fit, or is overly costly – including additions, renovations, and enclosed patios. The Bosch Climate 5000 system is comprised of five parts – the three indoor air handlers (two 9K BTU and one 18K BTU), outdoor condensing section, and the piping line set. The two main units are connected by the electrical, refrigerant, and condensate piping line set through a 3-inch diameter hole in an exterior wall. Wireless back-lit remote is included for easy adjustment, featuring timer, turbo settings, and follow-me technology, which includes a temperature sensor built in the remote controller. This 27K Mini Split System with 3 Air Handlers, Condensing Section, and line set includes the necessary indoor and outdoor components and piping line set. 22 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) and 13 Energy Efficiency Rating (EER). 10.4 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and Energy Star Certified for greater efficiency. The 18K indoor unit measure 14.3″ x 33.3″ x 27.6″ and weigh 26.9 lbs. The 9K indoor units measure 13.1″ x 31.5″ x 21.2″ and weights 19.8 pounds. Outdoor Unit measures 16.1” L x 37.2” W x 31.9” H and weighs 156.5 lbs. Limited residential covers replacements parts for 5 years and compressor for 10 years. Compatible with the Bosch Connected Control (BCC) Wi-Fi Thermostat Family. Requires Professional Installation.

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